We service Steel Fabricators, Architects and Structural Engineers throughout Australia. Let our team of detailers get your structural steel project off the ground. The Alm team can help you sell the job with accurate estimates. We will review your plans and submit RFIs immediately upon starting your steel design project to stay on schedule. Our firm of detailers and designers using Pro-Steel Software will create a model of your structure and work with your architects and engineers to create a production ready set of erection and fabrication drawings. We will create a database to track all phases of your project. Steel can be ordered in advance, cut to length from our Bill of Material reports. Hardware can sourced and bought in quantity.

steel detailingOur drawings are designed to enable steel fabricators to efficiently produce steel projects. Clear and comprehensive drawing is our goal each time we produce a detailing project. We take pride in the sheet layout portion of the job. In our teams efforts to produce architectural quality drawings a wide range of pen weights and line types are utilized. Our detailing plan packages our customized to fit the customer’s needs.

Alm Steel Detailing can offer drafting support to Architects and Engineers with busy firms. We will maintain your sheet standards supplementing your staff on large projects. We can bolster your capabilities to design larger projects. Our project managers will help achieve design considerations and to deadlines. The Alm team has an extensive detail library or we can use your firms.

We will work with your specifications to create clear details easily understood by contractors. The Alm team will increase your turn around time allowing small firms to take on big projects. Use your personal to manage your projects and stay current with your client’s requests.